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Did you know

  • 89% of consumer buying decisions start with search, and 9 out of 10 people don’t look after the first page.
  • 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking for a service or product online.

Are potential customers finding you?

PPC marketing allows you to reach users at a crucial time, when they are specifically searching to spend on a product or service, PPC is a highly effective way to grow business directly and immediately.

Types of PPC:

  1. Remarketing Campaigns
  2. Mobile Search Campaigns
  3. Search Campaigns
  4. Google Shopping Campaigns
  5. Display (Banner) Campaigns

What is the Objective

My goal, as a PPC Consultant in Delhi, is to pay the lowest possible amount per click for the highest return. there are many variables to take into consideration.

PPC Strategy & Implementation - I works with businesses and clients to create and build an effective PPC strategy that is aligned with your goals and ensure that the strategy is properly implemented in order to drive results.

Ad Copywriting - In 9order to create an effective PPC strategy, designing the right message that gets users and visitors to click is crucial. I am also experienced in writing creative ad copy to boost the overall effectiveness of a PPC ad.

Landing page optimization: By running A/B tests on your website landing pages, I put the right message, call to action and design in front of your audience to convert them into leads or customers.

Campaign Optimization – I can take your PPC campaign one step further and find creative ways to optimize your campaign and reduce cost per click. One way is to create a landing page on your website that visitors reach after clicking your PPC ads. These types of landing pages are designed in such a way that moves the visitor to buy, ultimately boosting your conversion rates.

Shopping PLA Campaigns - Product Listing Ads (PLAs), and also now known as Google Shopping Ads are a highly effective way for retailers and eCommerce site owners to advertise their products on Google.

Remarketing Campaigns - Remarketing is an extremely powerful tool for advertisers and businesses to boost website traffic and conversions. A remarketing campaign involves tagging your website landing pages to target visitors across the web with custom ads based on their interests and online activities.

Reporting - After spending time and hard-earned money on PPC campaigns, you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are paying off - literally. This is why I provides all clients with proof of ROI through detailed reporting. I create detailed reports that comprise actual data from the ad platforms, Google Analytics, and other built-in tracking tools that are clear and easy for our clients to understand.

Why Choose Us?

  • I treat your budgets as if this is my own and focus on making you money.
  • 100% transparent reporting. Every single penny I spend is fully accounted for.
  • 10 Yrs. of experience managing and optimizing PPC campaigns.
  • Straightforward and transparent fees 10000 Rs. per month. No hidden extras or mark-ups.

My Experience:

I’m Virender Bartwal, PPC Consultant in New Delhi, Delhi, helping small businesses to develop and execute online marketing strategies that turn strangers into customers and allow you to generate more business through search engine marketing… even in your sleep. I build PPC campaigns that drive traffic, leads, and revenue to small and large businesses that are looking to improve their bottom line marketing needs. I am experienced in creating campaigns in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn. I continuously optimize and improve campaigns to maximize results. Even when our goals have been met, I'll continue to find ways to further exceed expectations.


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